Our Work


Our Work

What fueled the idea of All Access was the enormous quantum of work we have done in the School Contact & Activation Program segment. We have had the opportunity to work with most of the Top FMCG brands where end consumers are school and college students besides a number of other brands where the idea was to introduce products and services to the powerful influencers (children).

Read on about a few of the goal achieving campaigns executed by us:

Cartoon Network – Promoting artistic skills and the channel

Cartoon Network is one of the top rated channels predominantly and extensively viewed by children. The channel to promote self and the cartoon characters shown on their channel hit upon the idea of an artistic competition for school children wherein children were asked to draw their favourite cartoon character as shown on the channel. Prior to the competition, the children were shown an A/V to introduce, re-introduce and create awareness about the various cartoon characters appearing on the channel, Cartoon Network. Toon Creator Awards were given to the winners of the competition.

The School Contact and Activation program was held across 120 schools in Mumbai and Bangalore, around 90,000 school kids were registered, given basic training in sketching and these students finally participated in the event.

Habitat – Sanitation Program across India

Habitat is an NGO which builds sanitation facilities in rural and semi urban areas of the country. The NGO wanted to hold activity to bring awareness about sanitation issues as well as raise funds for the NGO.

The concept was ‘Rupee for Change’ which was taken forward. School Contact and Activation programs were held in 600 schools across 25 cities. As a token of appreciation, actor John Abraham was roped in for this activity, he made a personal visit to the school which raised highest amount of donation and interacted with the children to further encourage them.

The activity achieved its goal of bringing awareness about sanitation to the school children as well as raising a donation of Rs.1 Crore for Habitat.

Kellogg’s Breakfast Champs

Kellog’s the healthy cereal makers wanted to conduct a School Contact and Activation program to promote healthy food habits among the school going children with special stress on the first meal of the day, breakfast.

In a 35-40 minute session, students were informed about the importance of grain in every meal, this was followed by an A/V which guided children on the importance of healthy food habits and taking a balanced breakfast.

This activity was held in 400 schools across 8 cities with participation from around 3 lakh kids and parents. Over 1.2 lakh kids participated in the Kellogg’s challenge and consumed breakfast for a month. 75 students were finally awarded scholarships.

HDFC Life Spell Bee

Learning through fun is at the root of this annual HDFC School Contact and Activation program. HDFC Spell Bee competition are conducted to give school students an opportunity to showcase their vocabulary as also give other students to work on their pronunciation and develop their language skills.

Such competitions improve the quality of student’s spelling and writing skills, which would help the students throughout their life.

We helped HDFC roll out one of this annual event for which we contacted hundreds of schools and got participation from 1500 schools across 25 cities of the country. The competitions were held at three levels, district, city and national level. After conducting rounds of contest in the school, we had 1500 winners from each school who participated in the city finals thus 25 city finalists. These city finalists participated in the final round.

The final rounds were aired on TV as eight episodes. One national winner was chosen who represented India in the international Spell Bee competition held in USA.

Garnier – Free Trial of Neem Face Wash

Though not exactly a School Contact and Activation, nonetheless an institutional contact and activation that was held in colleges to promote Garnier’s new Neem Face Wash. The contact program was held to create awareness of the newly launched Neem Face Wash and give free trials for the same. Further the product was offered at heavily discounted prices for those interested in buying the products.

The activity was held in 45 colleges across four cities, namely Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Delhi. For the activity, we created a Face Wash Zone in the college premises wherein collegians could try out the newly launched Neem Face Wash. Actor Alia Bhatt was roped in to give attendance at a few colleges to encourage the trials as well as interact with students and photo ops. Students did make the most of it as they shot selfies with the starlet.

The activity was a success as about 30,000 free trials were conducted in 45 colleges and a substantial number of products were also sold from the activity counter.